Sexist Guy Who Asked Woman's BF To Make Her Watch Her 'Tone' Gets Owned


Meet Kari, a woman from Salt Lake City.

Kari was discussing politics on Facebook (as one does), when she got into an argument with a douche (because: internet).


Well, "argument" isn't even an accurate representation of what happened. Basically, some guy (who had no problem with her point) decided to insult her "tone" — which is the oldest sexist codeword since "hysteria."

Everyone knows a guy like this. He is the same kind of guy who talks about being an atheist as though it is the '50s and people still think that's edgy.


Also, this fucking guy's language here makes me want to shart. "See sentences 1 and 5 for reference." Ugh, shut the fuck up, you dingleberry. You are not Facebook's English professor.

Anyway, having been publicly insulted online in a tacitly sexist manner, she decided to respond in kind.


Now, I don't know what Nick here looks like, but considering all the evidence I've gathered from the above, I'd say this is a pretty good representation of said facial hair:

Then, Nick, who would not have his (I'm guessing) neckbeard insulted by a human being with two X chromosomes, decided to contact her boyfriend to essentially put her in her place — the presupposition being that, in Nick's mind, men are essentially their girlfriend's boss/parent.


Please note the telling use of "female" and "male" here. Sexist guys really love to sound like biologists when being sexist.

Kari's boyfriend, who is a champion, then responded to the man's misogyny tantrum with this little masterpiece of not-being-an-asshole:


Debilitatingly insecure men have, throughout history, chosen to call upon a woman's significant other or father to put her in her place. Because, when you can't win: patriarchy.

Kari posted this exchange on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

Soon she started getting a slew of responses from women who have had this kind of thing happen to them. It is the same recourse, of course, an adult takes when seeing a child misbehaving: "Tell your kid to stop ______ ." Except there are no kids in these scenarios, just women and men with shit for brains.

@uh_huh_h0ney Tl:dr things went too far. Cops were called. Male police show up & talk to my owner about me bringing it on myself. — Amber (@AmberGodarkly) August 22, 2016
@uh_huh_h0ney lol congrats, here's mine from last year — alex pow***** (@alexpow) August 24, 2016

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