Couple Doesn't Leave Waitress Tip Because 'The Woman's Place Is The Home'


Fuck these chicken shit assholes! (Sorry: journalism, journalism. I'm a journalist. My bad. Can't talk like that.)

Chicken shit fuckheads, I hate you!

Fuck, sorry, these people are just so terrible. And also, I'm trying to bring "chicken shit" back.

Anyway, let me explain.

A waitress in South Carolina received a letter written on a napkin from a couple she'd been serving.

Usually, this type of story ends with her getting a giant tip because the people she was serving decided to make her day a little brighter.


Instead, this story ends with the couple behaving like it's 1893.

In the letter, they tell her they gave her no tip because a woman's place is "in the home."

Jesus, who in the fuck are these people? What kind of world do they live in?

Like, have they been outside? Are they just handing out this sexist, soulless garbage to every "working woman" they can find?

The war's over, guys. Women work now. Everybody is in on it.

Alright, let's break down this dangerous language-poison bit by bit.

It starts off very well. And you really think you're about to read a nice letter:

Then comes the second sentence.


(Shit, journalism. Sorry, sorry. I'll be better.)


FYI, the Bible also says you can't wear linen and wool at the same time, so maybe it's time we stop sourcing our life rules from it.

This one kills me.

First of all, she's not married. Second of all, her not-real husband isn't having a not-real affair with his not-real mistress. Third of all, what the fuck are you talking about?

I still can't get over the fact that they're just assuming she has a husband for no reason.

And by the way, if your "manhood" is contingent upon the oppression and subservience of someone you dane to love, it is a meager and fragile thing indeed.

Actual adults don't need manhood made of glass to get through the day.

Seriously, everything in this is both so horrible and funny. Putting "job" in quotes, for one, as though being a waitress is something other than a job.

And "looking for handouts to feed your family?" What are you talking about?

She has a job. She is working for money. I don't think you know what the definition of "handouts" is.

Then, we get to the end, where, yes, we see Trump's slogan being invoked: "Make America Great Again."

I actually have a really good idea how to do that: How about you leave the country?

Mostly, I feel bad for this man's wife, who has to live with him.

The waitress in question's friends decided to reply – also written on a napkin – and post it to Facebook:

The response letter ends beautifully, and I'll let this article ride out on its perfectly articulated grace.