Scientists Just Found The Milky Way's 'Dark Twin,' And It Sounds Creepy AF


It turns out the Milky Way actually has a “dark twin,” and it honestly sounds like it came straight out of a horror movie.

Let me just drop in here that horror movies scare me to death.

According to CNN, astronomers found this “dark twin” -- aka Dragonfly 44 -- being super sketchy in the Coma constellation.

The “dark twin” galaxy, which is the total opposite of the vibrant Milky Way, only consists of 0.1 percent stars. That sounds like a very gloomy place to me.

And get this: The whole rest of the 99.9 percent of the galaxy is made up of dark matter, hence, the galaxy being dubbed the "DARK" one.

I can't help but feel like this other galaxy seriously got the short end of the stick.

Although the “dark twin” is 300 million light-years away, it still sounds creepy AF, right?!

According to lead study author Pieter van Dokkum, the discovery of this galaxy is monumental.

Van Dokkum said,

Don't get me wrong; all of this sounds epic, and I think outer space is irrevocably beautiful… But, it's definitely things like the “dark twin” that scare the complete heck out of me.

I'm totally fine just chilling here, star-gazing from the Earth.

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