If You're Feeling This Emotion, You're More Likely To Drink Alcohol

SEE, MOM!?!! When I'm drinking alone on a weekday night in my room crying it's because I'm probably celebrating something, OK?!?! BACK OFF!

Getting absolutely obliterated via chuggin' down alcohol like it's water gets a bad rap in modern society. Why is that? IDK, MAYBE BECAUSE THIS COUNTRY IS FULL OF BLOWHARD CORPORATE ROBOTS WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT GOING 110 PERCENT EVERY DAY. PARTY. PUKE. REBOOT. SLEEP. REPEAT.

But also, more probably because drinking heavily leads to terrible decisions, addiction and is commonly associated with depression.

Is that true, though?

As it turns out, still very much, mostly, yes. However, we may have misjudged that depression part.

According to The Harris Poll, Americans who are 21 and up tend to drink during happy times more often than times they are struggling.

Of surveyed drinkers, 86 percent claimed they drink when celebrating special occasions, while 73 percent said they imbibe on their birthdays.

A total of 72 percent admitted to drinking whenever they're just having good days.

Compare that to the 60 percent of people who said they drink when they have bad days, the 52 percent who admitted they booze it up when they're stressed and the 40 percent who tend to get sloshed when going through breakups.

The Harris Poll

The poll was conducted last December and surveyed 1,360 people who drink alcohol at least periodically throughout the year.

As it turns out, our political affiliations also come into play when choosing how we want to get thoroughly messed up.

The Harris Poll

According to the poll, Republicans choose to drink wine when they're stressed, and they drink liquor on really bad days or their birthdays. Democrats, on the other hand, lean toward beer or liquor when they're stressed, beer on their bad days and wine on their birthdays.

Our differences end there, though.

Democrat and Republican respondents both revealed they opt to drink beer when having really good days or going through breakups, and we all drink wine when we're celebrating something special.

See! Common ground! Can't we all just get *swallows puke* along!

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