Global Warming Could Be The Reason You're Not Having A Lot Of Sex

Good news! The fact that the weather is cooling down probably means you're having more sex.

The bad news? Climate change may be causing everyone to have less sex in general.

This report comes from three economists, from Tulane University, the University of Central Florida and the University of California, Santa Barbara, who looked at 80 years of fertility.

They found when the temperature rose above 80 degrees, there was a large decline in births within 10 months.

Although it appears people make up about a third of their lost days of sex once the weather cools down, the fact that the Earth is heating up means less sex and fewer babies overall.

If this is sounding familiar and you find yourself with a lower sex drive during the hotter months of the year, the researchers suggest turning on the AC; but we're not sure that will help the whole global warming thing.

AC not working for you? Try exercising regularly and getting more sleep. And let's save the planet, people.

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