Scary Ad Shows How Technology Has Taken Over The Lives Of Kids Today

Here’s a fun game: Ask your grandparents what they did for fun when they were kids.

Then, ask your 8-year-old cousins what they do for fun now.

Compare notes. Cry at the decline of humanity.

That’s pretty much the premise of this video from Nature Valley Canada.

In the video, three generations of different families are asked about the activities they found/find fun as children. The older generations, of course, reminisced about playing outside with friends or connecting with nature.

Today's kids? It’s all about video games, texting and watching TV. One girl even scarily insisted,

I would die if I didn't have my tablet.

Though many commenters pointed out this video feels staged -- and it does and probably is -- the overarching message is clear: We’re losing an important part of the childhood experience to technology. To screens. To the Internet.

Nature Valley suggests we #RediscoverNature and join its mission to “pass on the joy of nature to the next generation."

I say, it’s about time.