Watch Sasheer Zamata Show This Guy What Privilege Is All About (Video)

"Saturday Night Live" castmember Sasheer Zamata may be one of the only people on Earth capable of explaining what privilege is all about, while also making you laugh.

As the new celebrity ambassador for the ACLU, Zamata had the tough task of explaining what white and male privilege really means to her white male counterpart in the organization's new PSA.

In the video, you see Zamata being catcalled, stopped and frisked and body-shamed by a magazine. You know, what a typical day looks like for a lady.

In a blog post for the ACLU, Zamata said,

Sure, we've made incredible strides in the past several decades. Without them, I wonder if I would have made it to SNL. But women still face greater barriers in employment, education, health care, and criminal justice – especially those of color and living in poverty. I'm not joking around (for once). In the U.S. today, women make only 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man — with African-American women only earning 64 cents and Latinas a measly 55.

Check out Zamata's entire statement, and learn more about the ACLU, here.