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Barack & Michelle Celebrated Sasha Obama's 21st With The Best Throwbacks

What are parents for, if not to lovingly roast you?

by Lilli Petersen
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It’s been five years since the Obamas left the White House back in 2017, but thankfully, they haven’t left our Instagrams. While Barack and Michelle Obama have been mostly private about their daughters on social media, there’s one big exception — birthdays. On June 10, 2022, former-FKOTUS (First Kid of the United States) Sasha Obama turned 21, and her parents marked the occasion by posting some adorable throwback pics to Instagram. Presidential or no, parents are all the same.

While Sasha has made a couple of appearances on TikTok, she, along with her older sister Malia, are pretty locked down on social media. So it’s understandable that her parents chose to celebrate her birthday not with a recent photo, but rather, a set of photos of Sasha as a baby. In the pair of pics, each parent smiles while holding a tiny version of the youngest Obama, and the captions are precious.

“My baby has grown into a beautiful, independent, compassionate, highly capable young woman. But you will always be my littlest pea,” wrote Michelle. “I’m so proud of the human you are becoming.”

Barack, for his part, went a little more in the Peak Dad vein, picking a slightly goofier photo and adding a little bit of loving teasing. “Happy birthday, Sasha! I have loved watching you grow into the intelligent, beautiful, and caring young woman you've become,” he wrote. “And no matter how old you get—you'll always be my baby girl. Look at those cheeks!”

To be fair, they are very good baby cheeks. Everybody’s social media has been blessed by those baby cheeks.

Here’s to a great next year for Sasha Obama, and hopefully, many more baby pics to come. HBD Sasha!