Officials Are Saying Sandra Bland Might Have Attempted Suicide Before

Sandra Bland reportedly told prison workers she had attempted suicide in the past year.

The 28-year-old was found dead in her Waller County, Texas jail cell three days after being arrested for assaulting a police officer on July 10.

For various reasons, there remains speculation over what the investigation initially viewed as a suicide. Bland was about to start a new job, had spoken to a bail bondsman about leaving prison and was known by those closest to her as an upbeat person.

Captain Brian Cantrell, the chief of investigations for the Waller County Sheriff's Office, said Bland did not appear to have any mental health issues when she was put in jail. She was later found hanging by a plastic bag in her cell.

But earlier today, authorities revealed Bland wrote on a form she filled out when she arrived at the prison that she tried to kill herself in the past year, The Houston Chronicle reports.

Bland reportedly said, however, she was not on the verge of suicide when she was arrested.

Democratic State Rep. Sylvester Turner told The Houston Chronicle Bland's motivation for the previous suicide attempt was the loss of a baby.

In a video posted to Facebook last March, Bland said she was suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, but relatives and at least one friend don't believe she was truly mentally ill.

Turner allegedly referred to the reality of her mental health as "a little bit fuzzy."

He added Bland should have been under an extended amount of supervision by prison workers due to the revelation of the suicide attempt.

The death is currently being investigated as a murder case, and investigators will reportedly be testing the cell for DNA and fingerprints.

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