Ryan Lochte Says Michael Phelps Wouldn't Respond To His Calls For Help In Rio


Michael Phelps seemed to have forgotten what it meant to be a "friend" when his longtime teammate, Ryan Lochte, was reaching out for help during his Rio scandal in August.

During an interview with USA Today, Lochte said Phelps wouldn't respond to his calls during his time of need, and we're all a little disappointed.

C'mon Michael, really?

In the interview, Lochte explained the brief texting exchange the two had after his Rio debacle, saying,

Why, though? Why did Phelps decide to completely disconnect himself from the entire situation?

Maybe it was a tactic to stay away from more bad publicity, which is fair. People were NOT happy with Ryan Lochte. Or maybe he was just busy -- he is a new father, after all.

Still, the least he could have done was give his buddy a quick phone call. Instead, he chose to ignore him.

Apparently, Phelps remembers the scenario a little differently, though. He claims he actually did reach out.

In an interview with Today back in August, he said,

Now that we've heard two sides of the story, we aren't sure who to believe.

You shouldn't worry too much about Lochte, though. He has a new friend supporting him -- you might know him as Vanilla Ice.

I'm not kidding.

The swimming star says he found a friend in the "Ice Ice Baby" rapper while working together on "Dancing With The Stars." Looks like a new bromance is forming!

Michael, you jealous?

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