$1 Pill Made To Combat Martin Shkreli's Price Raise On Life-Saving Drug

Thank God for drug company rivalries.

From the moment we found out Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO and human dog turd Martin Shkreli would be raising the price of Daraprim, a life-saving pill used primarily by HIV and cancer patients, from $13.50 to $750 a pill, we all pretty much decided he was one of the most hated people alive.

Capitalism may come back to bite Shkreli in the ass, though, as one of his rivals, San Diego's Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, announced it will be selling the same drug for about $1 per pill.

Mark Baum, Imprimis CEO, said in a statement,

While we respect Turing's right to charge patients and insurance companies whatever it believes is appropriate, there may be more cost-effective compounded options for medications, such as Daraprim, for patients, physicians, insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers to consider.

Imprimis is able to produce its own version of Daraprim because the pill's patent expired years ago.

It wouldn't even be the only company to do this as a company in India is reportedly able to sell another generic version of the drug for under 10 cents a pill.

In a press release, the company went on to describe its equivalent offering of Daraprim. It said,

Imprimis is now offering customizable compounded formulations of pyrimethamine [the main ingredient in Daraprim] and leucovorin in oral capsules starting as low as $99 for a 100-count bottle, or at a cost of under a dollar per capsule. Compounded medications may be appropriate for prescription when a commercially-available medicine does not meet the specific needs of a patient.


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