Restaurant Starts An Intense Online Feud By Talking Sh*t About Vegans


This battle between vegans and a Dublin cafe is legitimate Internet beef, and you're not going to be able to get enough of it.

It all started with a post back in early August on The White Moose Café's Facebook page.

Too harsh? Vegans thought so.

Though the post went ignored for a little over a month, eventually one commenter took offense to the restaurant's remarks on vegans.

That comment led to more hate against the Dublin cafe.

During one attack, White Moose manager Paul Stenson said his Facebook page was filled with over 2,000 one-star reviews, many of which were apparently from people who had never been to the White Moose.

So, The White Moose fought back...

And fought back...

And fought back...

...even changing its Facebook cover photo to fit its stance on people who don't eat meat, eggs and cheese (?).

Unsurprisingly, the negative reviews continued to come in, prompting Paul to write another post directed at vegans.

Then, the Internet protests got real.

Paulie never backed down, though.

At one point, he challenged vegans to up their game, doing everything short of getting on The White Moose roof and shouting, “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!”

In the meantime, there was a smaller battle between several branch Facebook pages and groups pledging allegiance or hatred toward the cafe.

The cops were even brought into this battle at one point.

In the end, meat seemingly won BIG.

This isn't the first time The White Moose Café has been involved in a public Internet feud.

The restaurant stirred up some controversy after it posted CCTV footage of one of its customers eating.

To accompany the video, Stenson reportedly wrote on Facebook,

So, if you're a restaurant owner and want to make some quick money, I strongly suggest getting into a fight with vegans worldwide.

But maybe don't be such a dick about it.

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