120 Shooting Stars Will Light Up The Sky Tonight In 2017's 1st Meteor Shower

by Alexandra Svokos
JP Danko

The first meteor shower of 2017 will be hitting the skies on Tuesday, into Wednesday morning.

This is the first of the major stargazing occurrences going on this new year, and is called the Quadrantids.

The Quadrantids is a pretty spectacular star show. What you see in the sky as shooting stars are actually bits and pieces of a comet that shattered.

And there are a whole lot of those bits and pieces.

There will be hundreds of shooting stars going across the sky. In fact, they're passing through the sky right now, as I write this.

I just can't see them because it's light outside.

The Quadrantids are visible in the Northern Hemisphere, which includes America. (Yay!)

But the western part of America has a better shot of seeing them because of timing.


The meteors have been coming down since early Tuesday morning, and some people have already managed to spot them.

I especially like the action-packed music that is the background in this Instagram video of the Quadrantids shower.

But don't worry: You haven't missed this astrological sight just yet. The meteors will continue shooting across the sky into Wednesday morning, so keep looking up.

There are a few things to remember as you're searching for the meteor shower. First of all, you need to be in a place that's not super bright.

So, people living in cities, we're kind of screwed. If you can't regularly see the stars, you're probably not going to be able to see a meteor shower.

There also needs to be a clear sky. If there are clouds up there, sorry, but you're screwed too.

And you have to keep your eyes open and up to catch the shooting stars. Years ago, while watching the Perseid meteor shower with my family, my cousin kept missing the shooting stars... because he wasn't looking up.

We still make fun of him for it, to this day. Don't be that guy.

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