President Obama Roughed It In The Alaskan Wilderness With Bear Grylls (Photos)

“Barry and the Bear” better become a weekly nature show after President Obama ends his tenure in office.

Obama was recently in Alaska raising awareness for the effects global warming has on the state, and he was joined by survival expert Bear Grylls.

The new friends decided to take a moment and commemorate the day by snapping a quick selfie in the wilderness.

Not that I have anything against the president, but a part of me is hoping Bear Grylls caught a bunch of bugs on their random journey and somehow convinced our commander in chief to eat them for protein and stuff.

Before Barack posed in a picture with Bear, the White House's official Instagram posted this picture of Barry-O with a sign indicating the damage of climate change to Alaska.

This picture of the president enjoying the amazing Alaskan view was also taken.

Actually, going through the account, the president posted a lot on his trip.

I really hope the most powerful man in the world isn't the kind of person who goes to a beautiful national park and spends the whole time on his or her phone.

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