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The Red Power Ranger Allegedly Killed His Roommate With A Sword

US Weekly reports "Power Rangers" actor Ricardo Medina, Jr. has officially been charged with one count of murder after fatally stabbing his roommate, Joshua Sutter, with a sword.

Medina was re-arrested and charged on Thursday in Los Angeles, a full year after the initial arrest for the crime in January 2015.

The "Power Rangers Super Samurai" star allegedly stabbed Sutter repeatedly at the home they shared in Palmdale, California.

TMZ reports he used a "Conan the Barbarian" sword to slay his roommate in the aftermath of a fight over Medina's girlfriend.

Medina claimed he acted in self-defense and was released while the LA police continued to investigate the crime.

Currently, Medina awaits his arraignment at the Antelope Valley Branch of the Los Angeles County Superior Court scheduled for Tuesday, January 19.

Prosecutors have requested his bail to be set at $1 million.

If convicted, the ex-Power Ranger will likely face a 26-year prison sentence.

Medina is best known for his role as the Red Power Ranger on the TV series "Power Rangers Wild Force," along with his role in the reprisal of the series in 2011.

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