Red Power Ranger Allegedly Stabbed His Roommate To Death With A Sword

The actor who played the red ranger on "Power Rangers Wild Force" has been arrested for stabbing his roommate to death in their Los Angeles apartment, according to police.

ABC-7 reports that 36-year-old Ricardo Medina, Jr. got into an argument with Joshua Sutter, also 36, on Saturday that escalated into a physical battle.

Medina and his girlfriend reportedly left the room during the confrontation to go into their own, locking the door.

Sutter followed them, however, and allegedly forced the door opened.

This reportedly prompted Medina to grab a sword he kept next to his door and deal a single blow to Sutter's abdomen, according to Fox News.

He then called 911 at around 3:50 pm to report what he had done.

Sutter was pronounced dead in the hospital soon after.

Neighbors of the Green Valley apartment said that Medina had been displaying antisocial behavior in the two months he had lived in the home.

Neighbor Justin Adamson told ABC-7,

We brought him some bread and just tried to interact a little bit with him, but he was more of the, you know, the type of guy that didn't really want to communicate.

Medina was charged with murder and is currently being held on $1 million bail.

Gar Lester, Medina's former agent and friend for 12 years, was shocked to hear of the stabbing.

He said,

He is a great friend and a great client. It's something I can't even conceive. I don't see that in him. He was a very helpful guy and great with his dog. It's such a shock.

Medina played the red ranger on "Power Rangers Wild Force" in 2002 and was the voice of the villain Deker in the 2011 series "Power Rangers Samurai," according to IMDb.

He is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning.

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