This Adorable Pouting Puppy Is The Internet's Brand New Grumpy Cat (Photos)


The Internet reign of Grumpy Cat is over. We now live in the e-kingdom of Earl the Grumpy Puppy.

The Web thrives off three things:

1) Videos of people from one country trying foods from another country

2) Taylor Swift's friendship status with Nicki Minaj

3) Animals that have snaggletooths or some face oddities that make it look like they are grumpy

While this "puggle" (a pug and beagle mix) named Earl can't provide Swifties with up-to-date Taylor Twitter beef information, it most certainly can help them get their grumpy-animal fix.

Derek Bloomfield, who is the owner of the 5-month-old pup, posted a picture of the dog with a permanent scowl online and found viewers couldn't get enough of his pet's punim.

He since started Facebook and Instagram pages for his dog that have gained some solid traction over the past few weeks.

Earl's owner says the dog is not in any pain, and the frown is only caused by an underbite, dark complexion and wrinkly skin.

Is Earl the Grumpy Puppy the canine answer to Grumpy Cat?

The Internet is a pretty big place, but how much room is there really in the grumpy animal market? Consider the fact that Grumpy Cat literally owns everything but the copyright on the word “grumpy.”

Is Earl the 'N SYNC to Grumpy Cat's Backstreet Boys? Yes, Grumpy Cat was a trailblazer in the industry, but how long could the cat really keep its claws on the market?

Only time will tell.

Grumpy Puppy is NOT happy about whatever is going on.


Alert and very grumpy.


“This is my happy face.”


Trying and succeeding to be grumpy on a couch.


“You have my attention. It's grumpy, but you have it.”


“This is a beautiful park. I'm furious.”


Grumpy Puppy on the Fourth of July -- or as the dog would refer to the holiday, “The Fourth of BOOOOOO-ly." OK, admittedly a stretch. I'm running out of ways to point out how grumpy this dog is.


“Yaaaarrrrrrr, I'm a grumpy dog pirate!”


The ball is in your court, Grumpy Cat. I suggest you get REAL grumpy REAL fast.

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