Women Working In The White House Earn Less Than Males, And We're Not Surprised

Mark Wilson / Staff / Getty Images

In a disappointing but unsurprising analysis, CNN found that women working in the White House are earning less than their male counterparts.

According to the findings, women receive an average salary of 80 cents for every dollar men make. The Labor Department reports that the gender pay gap is wider than the national average of 82 cents on the dollar, CNN further states.

Mark Wilson / Staff / Getty Images

While the White House staff comprises 47 percent females and 53 percent males, the evenly split staff still experiences a disparity, which is also due to the fact that women are employed in lower-ranking jobs. Even still, the average salary for men working in the White House is $104,000 annually, while it's $83,000 for women. Half of the men on staff earn $95,000 or higher while half of the women earn $70,100 or less.

Perhaps the most shocking statistic is the fact that the highest-earning salary a staffer can make is  $179,700. Out of the 22 employees who do earn that amount, only six are women.


Last week, the White House's Annual Report to Congress was released, supporting CNN's findings.

This has been an ongoing issue, not just within politics, but across all fields. For those who are unconvinced that this gap doesn't mean much, the National Women's Law Center (NWLC) reports that it causes women to earn roughly $10,500 less in median earnings per year. Other factors besides gender — such as age and race — also affect women's earnings, CNN reports.

Ivanka Trump has made it her mission to close the gap, even tweeting about #EqualPayDay on April 4. She also released a book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules of Success, earlier this year.

Hopefully, Ivanka's passion will help ensure equality, even though she claims to "stay out of politics."

However, regardless of political beliefs, professions, age, gender, or nationality, something needs to be done to ensure that women are earning what they deserve. Though there has been progress throughout the years, we can't forget what is left to accomplish.