Woman With "Respect" Cleans Trump’s Hollywood Star, Becomes Twitter’s Best Meme

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Twitter's latest popular meme is all about two things: Donald Trump and the phrase "nothing but respect for MY president."

If you're already confused, don't worry. There's a pretty simple explanation behind it all.

Last week, a woman posted a collage of photos that showed her cleaning up President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and captioned her tweet with that same phrase:

Nothing but respect for my president. #RaisedRight

The tweet was shared thousands of times over, gaining notoriety pretty much because of two main reasons. First, it served as a huge contrast to the photos online of other people defacing President Trump's Hollywood star, which had to be repaired last October.

Secondly, it got retweeted by the likes of Eric Trump and other popular Twitter users.

The bottom line? A good number of people decided to hail the photos of Trump's star getting cleaned as an example of great patriotism and a show of respect for the president.

Oh, and then Twitter promptly made the whole thing into a big meme that shows how much other people don't respect their president at all.

In other words, different Twitter users have been parodying the moment over and over. One of the most popular of the parody tweets is the post below; a user showing "nothing but respect" for President Donald... Duck.

That joke seemed to open the floodgates for other viral tweets.

Some people didn't even bother regarding an actual human being as "their president" and moved on to fictional characters.

This genre of memes has even moved outside the confines of Hollywood.

Now, on the one hand, you could argue that these parodies continue a trend of people being delusional about who their president actually is.

OK, fair.

On the other hand, it's not exactly a shock that people thought the whole "#RaisedRight" thing was corny. And, as this latest round of memes show, Twitter is most ruthless when it's time to clown something corny.