Woman Fired Over Post Saying 'Poor Gorilla' Michelle Obama Needs 'Makeover'

Jane Wood Allen, a teaching assistant from Georgia, was fired for making super disgusting, racist remarks about walking angel Michelle Obama on Facebook.

Not cool, Jane Wood Allen!

Facebook is a great tool for identifying the racists and homophobes in our lives. The social media platform has truly improved my life by letting me know to whom I have to say "lol bye."

And that's exactly what Chestatee Elementary School said to Allen. She was a teacher's aide there for 27 years, but then the school found out about the racist garbage she was spewing on Facebook.

In a post that recieved a lot of attention, Allen shared a link to a story about Obama that included an unflattering photo of America's First Lady. Allen wrote,

This poor Gorilla. How is she going to function in the real world, by not having all of her luxurious vacations paid for anymore? She needs to focus on getting a total make-over (especially on the hair), instead of planning vacations! She is a disgrace to America!

No, Jane, you're a disgrace to America.

How is Obama going to function in the real world without her vacations paid for? I think she'll do just fine given that she was once a lawyer and the VP at the University of Chicago Hospitals -- not to mention she has degrees from Harvard and Princeton.


I'm also not sure what getting a makeover has to do with paying for vacations or functioning as a human, but the "Gorilla" and the "especially on the hair" parts of her comments make it clear Allen was just being an ignorant racist.

Allen had also previously written other racist, hateful comments on Facebook.

Thankfully, justice exists and she was fired.


The school wrote in their own Facebook post,

Racism and discrimination are not tolerated in our school district. We are committed to ongoing staff training on the acceptance of all individuals.

A lot of people like to say racism in America is "over" because the Obamas are in the White House. That's a ridiculous comment to make because, as this instance clearly shows, racism is far from over.

Still, the Obamas want us to stay optimistic. As Obama said in her speech at the Democratic National Convention,

I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves, and I watch my daughters, two beautiful and intelligent black young women, playing with their dogs on the White House lawn.

In that same speech, Obama said,


So I'm gonna end this article on a high note: Jane Wood Allen, I hope you learn from this experience. I hope you take it as a sign to reconsider your hate. I hope you gain understanding and respect, and I hope you grow from this.

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