This Hilarious Vine Explains The Real Reason Chris Christie Endorsed Trump

by Kate Ryan
Getty Images

After dropping out of the race last week, New Jersey governor Chris Christie surprised many with his quick endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. His endorsement seems odd mainly because it contradicts everything Christie has said about Trump in the past, primarily that he's "not suited to be president."

But now, there's a Vine video that perfectly explains Chris Christie's endorsement: He's really a hostage.

Or at least that's how it appears in this hilarious Vine, posted by Ronan Farrow (Mia Farrow's son) on Tuesday. Between the dramatic music and a camera that zooms in on Christie's nervous face, some combination of kidnapping and blackmail has to be at play.

Watch it for yourself (make sure to put the sound on) and try not to die of laughter.