People Won't Stop Making Fun Of This Pic Of Trump In Front Of A Trash Wall

On Tuesday, Donald Trump gave a speech on US "economic independence" from Pennsylvania.

But he chose a very peculiar location to deliver these remarks: The real estate mogul stood in front of what appeared to be a wall of trash.

This was almost too good to be true, and, of course, it wasn't long before Twitter began relentlessly mocking Trump. The results were hilarious.

Sometimes, politics can actually be fun. Who knew?

We are witnessing perhaps the strangest presidential election in history.

Donald Trump and Oscar the Grouch are basically the same person.

What a colorful speech.

Some noted this was essentially a metaphor for his campaign...

...but Chrissy Teigen really nailed it.

People are having way too much fun with this (and I'm not complaining).

Whoever chose this as the location for Trump's speech did all of us a huge favor.

Best moment of his campaign so far?

Does Trump take out his own trash? Doubtful.

Meanwhile, some people wanted to talk about actual issues (fair enough).

But most of us were too busy enjoying this glorious and strangely appropriate moment.