Trump's CNN Wrestling Gif Came From An Insane 2007 WWE Appearance

by Alexandra Svokos
Alex Wong/Getty Images

On the morning of Sunday, July 2, Donald Trump tweeted a video of himself beating up a man with the CNN logo covering his face, because apparently that's where America is in terms of diplomacy and maturity.

This tweet had many people wondering where in fact, that footage came from.

In case you didn't already know, Donald Trump beating up someone at a wrestling match was a real thing that happened. And, yes, the full footage exists.

The time was 2007. The place was WWE's WrestleMania in Detroit, Michigan. In the "Battle of the Billionaires," Trump was represented by wrestler Bobby Lashley while Vince McMahon, WWE's chairman and CEO, was represented by wrestler Umaga.

The two grown men placed a bet: Whoever's wrestler lost the match would be forced to have his head shaved bald. Because, you know, men. Hair. Masculinity. Samson.

So the two wrestlers wrestled, and Lashley (representing Trump) beat Umaga (representing McMahon).

As soon as the bout ended, a 61-year-old Donald Trump stormed up to the ring and tackled McMahon. Because that's what grown men do.

He proceeded to "punch him," as the doctored gif the president tweeted shows. But it didn't just end there. You can see a pretty comprehensive footage of the entire proceedings here:

After Trump tackled McMahon, McMahon was brought to the center of the ring. There, three men -- including Trump -- shaved his head, as the prophecies predicted.

So, yeah, anyways, that guy's our president now. Yup. America. Men. Hair. Physical violence. Presidential.

The gif (video?) the president tweeted on Sunday morning kind of looked like a Snapchat video where you tag an emoji to a specific spot on the video. According to CNN reporter Brian Stelter, however, the video tweeted by President Trump actually was spotted on the r/The_Donald subreddit.

If you don't know, that subreddit has been the gathering place for Trump fans across the internet since the election.

So, yeah, Trump seems to be making good use of his Fourth of July weekend. Happy birthday, America. Your leader doesn't look a day over 12.