Trump's '400-Pound Hacker' Has His Own Twitter Account And It's Pure Genius


Did you happen to catch that crazy thing Donald Trump said during the presidential debate with Hillary Clinton last night?

No, not that thing — the other thing. You know, the one about the 400-pound hacker.

The big man and his awesome lid challenged Clinton's claim Russians were behind a hack into the Democratic National Committee. He said,

Wait, what? Why did he throw the weight thing in there? I can't answer that. But it does throw up quite an image, wouldn't you agree? Someone on Twitter nailed that image:



The scallywag describes himself as someone "just hacking government websites and weighing 400 pounds." Location? His bed, of course.

He has around 400 followers as well, lol.

The account was set up in the wake of Trump's comment last night, and the string of tweets since published are more than hilarious.

This was his birth tweet:

Then he gave us details about his hacking lair:

But he's not just about hacking — this guy's got strong side-project game.


He even revealed the formula to his success...

...and the damning reality of America's political status:

We never did get to the bottom of the DNC hacking mystery. Maybe it was the Russians, as Trump said, but my god, how badly do we want it to be this guy?!

We want four years of the 400-pound hacker.

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