Trump Voters Reveal What He'd Have To Do To Lose Their Support And It's Scary

Donald Trump is an enigma in American politics. He has said and done things that would almost certainly derail the presidential campaigns of any other candidate.

His demeanor is often childish and offensive, and it seems like he sparks a new controversy every other day.

But no matter how often he's called out for blatantly lying, or being misogynistic, or bigoted, or xenophobic, his support remains relatively unabated.

Nationally, the real estate mogul is pretty unpopular. But it's pretty clear those who've made up their mind to support him will not abandon him, regardless of what he does.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" provided further evidence of this by going out on the street and asking Trump supporters what he would have to do to lose their vote.

Fortunately, most of these individuals were rational enough to say he'd lose their vote if he did something like murder someone. But there were also those that said they'd vote for him no matter what. One guy said he'd even vote for Trump if he found out the real estate mogul had a swastika tattoo.

Watch the video of the segment above. It will either leave you cracking up or completely terrified (perhaps both).