Trump Supporters Threatening To Boycott 'Star Wars'

Donald Trump and his supporters have frequently painted liberals as oversensitive. But maybe it's the other way around.

After rumors started spreading that the new "Star Wars" movie, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," had been reshot to include an anti-Trump message at the end, Trump supporters started tweeting their indignation with the hashtag #DumpStarWars.

They are threatening to boycott the movie.

The rumors started thanks to a guy named Jack Posobiec, whose Twitter profile describes him as the "special projects director" of Citizens for Trump.


This Posobiec guy also went on a nearly 20-minute rant about this conspiracy theory on Periscope.

Other Trump supporters seemed to share Posobiec's outrage.


But here's the thing: The rumors are completely false.

Chris Weitz – one of the screenwriters – confirmed this on Twitter.


A lot of these anti-"Star Wars" sentiments from Trump supporters are also linked to the fact that Weitz and another "Star Wars" screenwriter, Gary Whitta, recently switched their Twitter avatars to an image of the logo of the Rebel Alliance with a safety pin through it.

The safety pin has become a symbol of solidarity with groups that have been subjected to abuse in the wake of Trump's victory.

It now appears Weitz and Whitta have switched their avatars to something else.

But this tweet from Weitz has gotten a lot of traction: It was even retweeted by Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker.


Trump supporters don't like this show of tolerance and solidarity with marginalized groups.

But did they not already realize the entire "Star Wars" franchise has always featured themes of anti-fascism and anti-hatred?

But at the end of the day, Trump supporters, no one cares if you don't want to see "Star Wars." There really aren't that many of you.

Hillary crushed Trump in the popular vote, remember?

In fact, Trump has the worst popular vote performance of any president-elect in 140 years.

Moreover, if the alt-right movement (aka neo-Nazis) – who are big fans of Trump – want to boycott the movie, it would actually probably help ticket sales.

People would feel a lot safer going to movie theaters knowing white supremacists won't be in attendance. So, boycott away!

This movie will likely make a killing, regardless of whether Trump supporters see it or not.

Indeed, this entire #DumpStarWars movement is just plain stupid.