Trump Is Selling A $149 MAGA Christmas Ornament Because Of Course He Is


Donald Trump is selling a $149 Christmas ornament shaped like his iconic "Make America Great Again" red hat.

It's $149, because $150 would obviously be WAY too much to charge for a Christmas ornament.

I'm sure all of the struggling Americans who voted for him to lift them out of poverty and despair will be able to afford this wonderful collectible item.

He's clearly a man of the people who understands what they truly need and desire.

The description of the ornament on Trump's website makes it an irresistible purchase:

Get in the Christmas spirit with your very own Make America Great Again Red Cap Collectible Ornament. Made of brass and finished in 24 karat gold, this ornament is sure to make any tree stand out.

Nothing says Christmas like 24-karat gold and the hat of man who has consistently exhibited laser-like intolerance for essentially every group other than white men, right?!

An email written by Trump's store manager about the ornament states,

President-elect Trump loves Christmas and makes a point of proudly saying 'Merry Christmas' every chance he gets. This collectible ornament commemorates Trump's commitment to the Christmas spirit.

Yeah, nobody embodies the Christmas spirit more than Trump.

After all, he just agreed to pay $25 million to Americans he defrauded.

He's so generous! What a guy.

If $149 for the ornament is a bit above your price range, Trump understands. He only got a small loan of $1 million from his father when he was starting out. Trump knows what it means to struggle.

Trump is also selling pullovers for $55. You can stay warm and let everyone know you're on #TeamTrump. You definitely won't get any dirty looks while wearing this!

If you happen to live somewhere with a warmer climate, why not go for one of his #BigLeague tank tops? (Pretty sure it's actually "bigly," but whatever.) Suns out, guns out! No, not actual guns, you silly goose.

And since we know Trump loves (to brag about sexually assaulting) the ladies, he's got the perfect t-shirt for women as well.

Happy holidays!