Trump Inauguration Security Is So Strict, It's Confiscating The Strangest Items

by Harley Tamplin

Obviously, the security at Donald Trump's inauguration is extremely tight.

With not only the incoming president and his family in attendance, but former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush there as well, it's a massive day for the Secret Service.

Thousands of people going to the event are being thoroughly searched -- and this has led to some very odd confiscated items.

As a result, there are going to be some very damp people in DC.


As Trump began addressing the crowd, the heavens opened -- but no one watching from the crowd had umbrellas.

That's because they were all taken away by security staff at the event.

Confusion reigned (or should that be rained?), with one reporter claiming he was told “all week” he would be allowed to bring one, only for it to be taken off his hands.

Not even small, collapsible umbrellas were permitted -- and plenty of people were unhappy about getting wet in the rain.


Umbrellas weren't the only strange item not allowed into the high security area.

Bizarrely, fruit was also forbidden -- unless it was cut up into small slices, that is.

People reported having bananas and apples seized at the gate.


Other items of food were also turned away. Cans of beef ravioli and a tin of sardines were apparently also taken.

No, I've got no idea why anyone would take cans of beef ravioli to a presidential inauguration, either.

The Secret Service helpfully tweeted a document listing prohibited items at the inauguration, but there was no mention of fruit, umbrellas or sardines on the list.


Among the obvious banned items -- who would be dumb enough to bring a gun? -- were some more unusual selections.

I'm assuming loads of people who hoped to get the perfect pic are going to need a new selfie stick now.