Trump Hasn’t Even Won Yet, And People Are Already Sobbing In The Streets


The United States of America has been grabbed by the pussy.

Donald Trump hasn't officially won the 2016 presidential election yet, and his supporters are already celebrating in the worst possible way.

Look, obviously I'm all for freedom of speech. But not when it's highjacked by people spouting racism, sexism and bigotry.

Now I don't want to paint all Trump supporters with the same brush, but the ones who make their voices heard seem to match my description down to a T.

A glance of Twitter would have you believe the streets of America are a scene from "The Purge."

But actually, it's a shocking insight into a country run by a man-child who wears a toupee.

One woman claimed she walked by a street vendor who declared it's now "legal to grab pussy."

Yep, apparently pussy grabbing is "how we do it!"

Trump supporters are already deciding who stays and who leaves the country.

And HOORAY for the future president who'll be mopping up pussy from New York to Alaska over the next four years, according to Danny.

So how are Hillary Clinton fans dealing with the results, I hear you ask?


Not well. Not well at all.

In fact, people are actually weeping even though she hasn't officially lost yet.

Yes, the mood is beyond sad at the Javitz Center in NYC.

'Tis a sea of sad faces at the Manhattan venue where Clinton's party has grounded to a halt.

And you can bet Trump supporters are jumping on this too.

Trump supporters at an invite-only event at the New York Hilton are going cray right now.

TV footage showed them whooping and cheering wearing those little red "Make America Great Again" hats that are worryingly no longer looking like just part of a Halloween costume.

The pain is real, and we feel it.