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Girl Proves Trump Quotes Are Perfect Way To Avoid Any Awkward Dating Convo

If there's one thing we can learn from Donald Trump, it's his uncanny ability to change the subject.

As we saw during the last presidential debate, the Republican nominee is quite good at avoiding questions he doesn't want to answer.

When he was asked about his "grab them by the pussy" comment, he went on a terribly long rant about how he's going to "knock the hell out of ISIS."

If you'd like me to refresh your memory, check out the clip below:

As much as I hate to admit it, Trump's bizarre ability to avoid unwanted conversations can be useful in real life -- more importantly, the world of dating.

Our new hero, Cassandra from Toronto, proved that using Trump's ISIS response is the perfect deterrent while talking to someone you'd rather curve.

The 22-year-old woman spoke to Buzzfeed News about how frustrated she became while watching Trump completely defer the questions he didn't want to answer during the debate.

So, she decided to try the tactic for herself.

After the debate, she got a text from a guy she was seeing who asked her "how many other guys" she was talking to.

Alas, the perfect opportunity for a Trump response!

To avoid answering the question, she went on a long rant about ISIS.

Sound familiar?

This girl is a freakin' GENIUS.

She spoke with Buzzfeed News about why she chose to respond this way:

It was just a ridiculous response that I thought he would find funny while also understanding I did not want to talk about other men I'm seeing.

See? Cassandra not wanting to speak about the other men in her life is the same as Trump not wanting to speak about his "ability" to grab pussies.

Well done, Cass'.

Twitter is losing its shit over the perfect response.


There you have it, folks.

The only thing we can learn from The Donald is how not to answer a question.