News — Trump Protesters Surround Trump Tower In Election Backlash

On Wednesday, much of the country woke up in complete and utter shock Donald Trump is the president-elect.

This was especially true in New York City where many people are not fans of the real estate mogul whatsoever.

As Trump voted for himself on Tuesday morning, he was met by a loud chorus of boos.

If you walked the streets of New York the night of the election after it became clear Trump won, it was eerily silent in the city that never sleeps.

When New Yorkers headed out to work on Wednesday, it was raining, which felt all too appropriate.

The whole city seemed depressed. People were crying on the subway.

The people of America's largest city never stay down for long. They rise up.

This city epitomizes the defiant spirit that led to the founding of America.

Trump might be from New York City, but a lot of people definitely feel as though he doesn't represent its values.

This is precisely why thousands of New Yorkers descended upon the streets on Wednesday night to give Trump a piece of their mind.

The Trump protest began in Union Square.

People wanted Trump to know they are furious about his stances on police brutality and immigration.

The protest slowly made its way from Union Square toward Trump Tower.

There was a sea of people.

It was pouring rain, but they were not deterred.

The streets were consumed. Cars and taxis were stopped. But drivers weren't angry about it.

Some taxi drivers even joined in with the protesters.

Trump lost the popular vote, and people clearly do not feel as if he is a true leader of the people.

As the protesters marched toward Trump Tower, they chanted about the issues that concern them.

Thousands upon thousands of people ultimately ended up in front of Trump Tower.

It's pretty evident Trump will find it very difficult to rest in the coming days.

On a sad, rainy day in New York, people found hope in unity.