I Went On Tinder In Iowa And Asked Boys To Tell Me About Their Caucus

by Alexandra Svokos

The Iowa caucus happened on Monday night when people voted for their party's presidential nominee.

Ted Cruz won on the Republican side while Hillary Clinton just barely edged past Bernie Sanders for the Democrats.

That's all fine and well, but we have to be real here: The word "caucus" is hilarious and ripe for turning into pick-up lines and innuendos.

So, after swearing the app off a year and a half ago, I re-downloaded Tinder and built my Iowa bio, telling boys, "talk to me about your caucus."

The boys did not disappoint.

This guy really had the jokes down.

Alexandra Svokos

Actual caucuses can go on for hours (there is no way not to make that sound dirty), so there were a lot of jokes about length.

Alexandra Svokos

Iowa caucuses are considered a pretty big deal, whether they actually are or not.

Alexandra Svokos

I guess when you've got a reporter on the line you might as well ask the important questions.

Alexandra Svokos

My response, for the record: "If you think like that, and then other people who think like you think like that, then there's a whole block of votes that aren't going to be represented. And then, we're all just stuck with whoever the old dudes pick."

Not sure if I want to feel that Bern...

Alexandra Svokos

My sad attempts at caucus innuendos did not go well.

Alexandra Svoko


Alexandra Svokos

You didn't really try.

Alexandra Svokos

Aaaaand there we are, back on Tinder.

Alexandra Svokos

"Bitches always come back for the caucus."

Alexandra Svokos

Thank you, men of Iowa, for putting up with my obnoxiousness over the last week and providing laughs.

I'm sure all your caucuses are huge deals that last for hours, making people scream and leaving many satisfied.