Here Are The Presidential Candidates The Media Is Ignoring

by John Haltiwanger

The primary season is winding down, and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now the respective presumptive presidential nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties.

Following Clinton's strong performances in the June 7 primaries, President Obama called Clinton to congratulate her on clinching the Democratic nomination. She is the first woman in US history to become the presumptive presidential nominee for a major party.

In spite of these developments, Senator Bernie Sanders vowed to stay in the race until the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

This decision by Sanders, as well as aspects of Clinton's ascent to becoming the presumptive nominee, are continuing to generate a lot of discussion from all corners.

Meanwhile, it appears many Sanders supporters, among others, are considering what their options are moving forward. Most Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump and Clinton, and don't like the idea of being forced to vote for one or the other.

Amid all the focus on the candidates for the two major parties, it's easy to forget there are also third-party candidates.

Here are the presidential candidates you're not hearing about because they're largely being ignored by the mainstream media.

Dr. Jill Stein

Jill Stein is the likely presidential nominee for the Green Party.

She's a physician from Massachusetts who is running on a platform that is arguably quite similar to that of Bernie Sanders, except with an extremely strong focus on transitioning to renewable energy.

By reviewing some of her recent tweets, you can see Stein's rhetoric isn't that far off from what Sanders has been saying throughout his campaign.

Stein has been vocal about welcoming Sanders supporters to vote for her as an alternative. During a recent interview with CNN, she said,

We are here in the event that [Sanders supporters] feel like they don't have a place to go.

It also appears some Sanders supporters are already considering voting for her.

Stein, who was the Green Party's nominee in 2012, is definitely an admirer of Sanders, and even suggested to him they run together to "win a progressive political revolution" in the US.

She's also not afraid to let people know about her negative feelings toward Hillary Clinton.

If you're a Bernie Sanders supporter who is vehemently against Clinton, you might appreciate what Jill Stein has to say.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is the former governor of New Mexico and the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee.

Johnson is an advocate for limited government and describes himself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

For example, he's someone who supports abortion rights and gay marriage, which are more liberal stances, but also opposes taxation, a more conservative stance.

In Johnson's view, there should be less government and, in turn, less taxes. He's a big believer in the free market.

During a recent interview with Glenn Thrush of POLITICO, he stated,

I'd like to scrap the entire tax code. I'd like to eliminate income tax. I would like to eliminate corporate tax. If we do that we can also abolish the IRS.

Johnson described himself as more similar to Bernie Sanders than any of the other candidates, especially when it comes to social policy, but said they obviously differ on economics.

He's also well known for his affinity for marijuana and is a strong advocate for legalization.

In a recent interview with CBS News, he stated,

I've always viewed the legalization of marijuana as making the world a better place.

Johnson also favors a non-interventionist foreign policy, and he previously described the Iraq War as a "big mistake," for example.

The former governor of New Mexico is also not a fan of Trump, and vehemently opposes his plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. Johnson described Trump's rhetoric and proposed policies toward undocumented immigrants, including his plan to deport all 11.2 million of them, as "just crazy."

If you're on the #NeverTrump team and also like the social aspects of Bernie Sanders' platform, you just might appreciate Gary Johnson's stances.

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