The Supreme Court Will Finally Consider Overturning Gay Marriage Bans

The US Supreme Court just announced it has agreed to hear cases over same-sex marriage from four states (Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee).

The Supreme Court will decide whether gay marriage bans are unconstitutional.

This is a historic move as it will finally settle the contentious national debate over gay marriage.

BREAKING: The Supreme Court has just agreed to hear the marriage equality cases out of the 6th Circuit (shown in ... — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) January 16, 2015

At present, 36 states allow same-sex marriages, but the Supreme Court's decision will impact all 50 states.

Simply put, this will determine whether or not same-sex couples have the right to marry nationwide.

The court is addressing two fundamental questions in relation to the Constitution, specifically about the 14th Amendment. First, does the 14th Amendment require a state to license a marriage between same-sex couples? Second, does the 14th Amendment require a state to recognize a marriage between same-sex couples if their marriage was lawfully licensed in another state?

In other words, they are deciding whether same-sex marriage bans violate the 14th Amendment's Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in April and issue a ruling in June.