Seth Meyers Explains The Tough Choice In This Election

Late Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the most unpopular presidential candidates in history.

A lot of people would literally rather vote for a dumpster fire than either of them.

Seth Meyers discussed these feelings the other night, delivering an epic rant on why this election truly sucks.

Meyers' rant took the form of a question: How does one choose between these two candidates?

He said,

I mean, yeah, what a tough choice, right?

Do we vote for the former first lady, senator and secretary of state who is arguably the most qualified person to ever run for president?

Or the misogynistic, racist reality TV star who's never held elected office and brags about sexual assault?

Do we vote for the person who exhibits predictable levels of corruption for someone who's been in politics for decades?

Or a guy who is actively undermining America's democratic process, all the while responding to criticism by throwing temper tantrums on Twitter like a toddler who was denied candy at the supermarket?

Do we vote for a person who we know pretty well (we have thousands of her emails)?

Or a man who won't even release his tax returns and who once said, "We need unpredictability" with nuclear weapons?


Meyers really put this tough question into perspective, and people are loving him for it.


The election is on Tuesday, November 8.

Vote, and vote wisely.

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