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Sean Spicer Allegedly Stole Mini-Fridge, & Twitter Loves It

Sean Spicer may be gone from the White House, but never from our hearts.

The White House press secretary resigned on July 21, but the media cycle wasn't done with him yet. Late that same night, a Wall Street Journal article about him revealed an interesting tidbit about the former White House mouthpiece — that Spicer allegedly once stole a mini-fridge from a bunch of underlings.

Spicer — the story goes — wanted something to store his food and drinks. “He wanted a mini fridge,” the article astutely tells us. So he sent an assistant to an office full of junior employees and demanded their mini-fridge. They declined.

So Spicer allegedly waited until the sun had set and the office was empty — and crept out to steal their mini-fridge in the night. A White House colleague told the WSJ that they saw him lugging the fridge down the White House driveway in the dark. Elite Daily has reached out to the White House for comment but has not heard back as of publication.

The article supposedly uses the anecdote as an “example” of the “obstacles” Spicer faced, but come on. Someone told you a ridiculous story and it was too good not to use.

Twitter was all about it.

This is like a college prank, except for the fact that a bunch of people must have been pissed when they came in the next day and their lunches were missing.

Some people were baffled. Why didn't he just buy one?

I mean, come on, Spicey. I just found a mini-fridge on Amazon for $60 bucks. They'll even deliver it! You made more than $179,000 a year, why do you gotta steal from the kids?

Someone jumped on the prime social media real estate that is a Twitter account for "Sean Spicer's Fridge" right away.

And the kind folks at Mashable even graced us with an illustration.

Spicer himself is staying on the DL, apparently.

He doesn't seem to have tweeted or said anything publicly about the Fridge Raid.

Perhaps he's retreated back to the bushes.

At least he'll have a cold drink in there.