Sasha And Malia Obama Are Way More Fashionable Than You'll Ever Be

by Alexandra Svokos
Carlos Barria / Reuters

President Barack Obama is in Cuba this week, becoming the first US president since 1928 to do so, as part of his mission to restore relations with the country.

This is obviously a hugely important, historic moment in politics. But it's also a hugely important moment in fashion because Sasha and Malia Obama stepped off the plane looking cute as hell.

As it poured rain in Cuba, Sasha and Malia wore sweet dresses paired with sneakers, which the Huffington Post said "nail[ed] the trend."

This was far from the first time Sasha and Malia generally crushed it.

Growing up in the public eye is incredibly difficult -- as countless pre-teen books and movies have taught us -- and we all have embarrassing fashion fails and awkward stages we'd rather forget.

But Sasha and Malia, much like their mother Michelle, have consistently looked amazing and fashionable while staying true to their own particular senses of style.

It all started back on election night 2008 when Barack was first voted president. The Obamas stepped out in Chicago for Barack to give his victory speech in matching black and red.

Jason Reed / Reuters

Flash forward to March 10, 2016, when Sasha and Malia attended their first-ever state dinner, fangirled over Ryan Reynolds and slayed in unbelievably gorgeous Naeem Khan gowns, which are casually worth about $20,000 each.

Their hair and accessories were on point for each gown, with Sasha going edgy and Malia keeping it light and princess-y.

But they don't need to be wearing crazy expensive gowns to look cool as sh*t. Last year, a picture surfaced of Malia wearing a Pro Era t-shirt, nailing the Photobooth selfie.

And just to show she's hipper than you, Malia was spotted at Lollapalooza rocking an American Apparel crop top and skirt.

Meanwhile, Sasha showed up to homecoming in a tight dress and classic K-Swiss sneakers, "proving she's cooler than you," according to Yahoo!.

Just like at homecoming and in Cuba, they've long had a skill of picking the perfect, sweet dress for the occasion, like when they joined their dad onstage at the Democratic National Convention in 2012...

Jason Reed / Reuters

...or when Sasha and her friends redefined #squadgoals.

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Sasha and Malia have got casual-cute down. They have a habit of mixing patterns and textures to make amazing outfits.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

After rolling their eyes at their dad pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving in 2014, they came back again in style for 2015's saved turkey, gamely laughing at Barack's lame dad jokes.

Gary Cameron / Reuters

While Sasha brought back the much-missed jean skirt, Malia's two-tone jacket is majorly enviable -- which makes sense because Sasha and Malia's jacket game is strong AF.

Jason Reed / Reuters

So, while we're excited to hear all the updates from this historic trip to Cuba, we can't wait to see what else Sasha and Malia wear. Keep crushing it, ladies.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters