Republican Woman’s Viral Rants Are Singlehandedly Destroying Trump’s Campaign


Ana Navarro, a CNN commentator and Republican strategist, is not someone you want to mess with.

Over the past week or so, she's had people on both sides of the aisle cheering her on, as she's mercilessly ripped into Trump surrogates who've tried to defend him for bragging about sexual assault.


Navarro is singlehandedly dismantling Trump's campaign, and it's been beautiful to watch.

Ken Bone might be America's sweetheart right now following the second presidential debate, but Navarro is the hero we truly need.

Ana Navarro has no time for hypocrisy.

On CNN Friday night, Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes got upset when Navarro said the word "pussy" on air.

But Navarro wasn't having it.

Navarro said,

Every single Republican is going to have to answer the question "What did you do the day you saw the tape of this man boasting about grabbing a woman's pussy?"

Hughes replied,

Will you please stop saying that word. My daughter is listening.

Navarro then unleashed an onslaught of truth,

You know what, Scottie? Don't tell me you're offended when I say "pussy," but you're not offended when Donald Trump said it. I'm not running for president. He is.

Slow clap.

Navarro, you are the real MVP.

Navarro's tweets about Trump and the second presidential debate were EVERYTHING. She is RUTHLESS, and it's glorious.


If you've been drinking to get through the presidential debates, Navarro knows exactly how you feel. She is all of us.


This is quite possibly the most savagely accurate tweet surrounding the election. We're not worthy.


Also, you might want to avoid lecturing Ana Navarro about sexual assault, because she'll own you.

Navarro thinks Trump's campaign is "50 shades of crazy."

On Sunday, Navarro once again appeared with Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes, this time on "Anderson Cooper 360," and Hughes attempted to blame Trump's remarks about grabbing women "by the pussy" on pop culture.

Hughes referenced everything from "Fifty Shades of Grey" to "Magic Mike" in her argument. She said,

Unfortunately, we have made that to be sort of a part of a culture, a "Fifty Shades of Grey" culture, in today's society that men can talk like that.

Navarro then utterly destroyed Hughes and her attempt to blame a presidential candidate's behavior on movies. She said,

Let me tell you something, everything you just said is 50 shades of crazy. To compare running for president to an erotic film or an erotic movie, an erotic novel, it's crazy.

She continued,

If he wants to be held to that standard, great, then go write "The Art of the Groping." But if you are running for president of the United States, you are a role model. You're a role model for children like your daughter who you keep quoting. You're a role model for all Americans. You're held to a higher standard. You should not be behaving like if you are in a locker room. You should be behaving like if you are in the Oval Office.

Is it possible to overdose on truth?

Ana Navarro is the voice of reason this election has been waiting for.