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Republican Student At Women's March In DC


Caroline calls herself a “New Jersey Republican.”

In short, she's a socially liberal, fiscally conservative millennial. The scale teeters depending on the specific policies of the individual candidate. But this year, the social implications of a Trump presidency outweighed the potential for fiscal and foreign policy reward.

Caroline says,

She unapologetically voted for Hillary Clinton in her home state of New Jersey.

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I met up with Caroline a couple of hours after the Trump inauguration... which she was in attendance for.

"At Georgetown, you only get one opportunity to see an inauguration. I wasn't going to miss my chance," she said.

Nevertheless, the next morning at 8 am, Caroline joined like-minded students at the front gates of the university in order to head down to the Women's March.

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Caroline blames the issue, in part, due to a lack of understanding by people on both sides of the aisle.

Caroline is also a member of the Georgetown University College Republicans, an editor at the Conservative-leaning school newspaper and an accomplished national-level debater.

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As a fellow millennial, I couldn't help but agree with Caroline.

As a media consumer, I live in an echo chamber. I tend to avoid news sources I don't agree with, and I surround myself with people who share my fundamental outlook on the world.  There aren't any issues I'd consider crossing the aisle for.

But have I ever really looked?

Meeting someone like Caroline was refreshing. She doesn't take any information for granted, and she doesn't let judgment or fear influence her into supporting ideologies she doesn't fully agree with.