A 76-Year-Old Hillary Fan Told Us Exactly Why Planned Parenthood Matters

by Alexandra Svokos
Getty Images

Cheri Adair came out to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday night to caucus for Hillary Clinton.

In a room filled mostly with students voting for the first time, Adair stood out as a voting-experienced 76-year-old.

In addition to her experience and potential to work well across the aisle with Republicans, Clinton appeals to Adair for one big reason. Adair explained,

[Hillary] definitely is in favor of Planned Parenthood, as am I. They do a wonderful job with caring for women.

Adair has worked "for a number of years" at a rape crisis center that works with victims of crime and assault.

She said Planned Parenthood has been "very instrumental" in assisting women who have been assaulted, by providing information and examinations.

This important work is one of the many ways Planned Parenthood, which endorsed Clinton, helps women, and, Adair added, it has nothing to do with abortion services. She said,

There's a lot of women who get a lot of reproductive information from Planned Parenthood -- and that is learning how not to get pregnant and getting reproductive medications and things that are so vitally important to young women, particularly those who are minorities and people who truly need to have an education along those lines. So I'd really be heartbroken if Planned Parenthood was defunded.

Adair called the fight to defund Planned Parenthood "absolutely ridiculous," saying,

I just see this kind of cookie-cutter stamp with the Republicans: 'Planned Parenthood does one thing, and so we've got to get rid of them.' And I just think that's very narrow-minded... I think it's going to hurt women terribly if it is defunded.

And there you have it.