People Can't Stop Obsessing Over This Sexy Pic Of Young Joe Biden


On Wednesday night, Vice President Joe Biden took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and did what he does best: He gave a fiery speech, reminded the middle class he's one of them and painted Donald Trump out to be a clueless guy.

At 73 years old, that may have been Biden's last stand, which means everyone had reason to take a step back and appreciate the VP, especially on Twitter, where much of the live conversation surrounding the DNC occurs.

There was talk about Joe's legacy, Joe's history as a simple guy you could relate to, Joe's service to the country and, most importantly, that one time when Joe was in the senate and he -- Oh, look! A nice picture of young Joe Biden!

When reporter Brandon Wall tweeted out this picture of a 45-years-younger version of Joe Biden, it seemed to start a trend. All the sudden, you had people posting the same pic of the vice president and obsessing over how good he looked back then.

Oh, hello young Joe Biden. — Courtney Finnicum (@courtney883) July 28, 2016
Young Joe Biden — Kakai. (@MsKembiIfUNasty) July 28, 2016

But what really set things off Twitter was this tweet, which found three other pictures to pair with the original. It's no wonder the post went viral.

People are clearly in agreement on this one.

So yeah, about that legacy, it seems pretty clear now: VP, senator, leader, legend and ladies man in the '60s.