Yep, This Guy's Penis Drawing Actually Got Counted As A Brexit Vote

By now, unless you haven't checked any social media feed, turned on a TV, noticed the global economy soiling itself or peeped how the DOW took a 400-point skydive in the first minute of the business day — *takes deep breath* — you should know what Brexit is all about.

By now, you know that the EU referendum presented a ballot on which UK citizens voted whether to leave the European Union or remain in it.

By now, if you've read up on the background behind the issue and the styles of those campaigning on either side of the Brexit debate, you'll know there are a lot of dickheads involved in the process.

And now, you'll read up about one more.

According to Scotland Television's Colin Mackay, a voter cast his Brexit vote in a, well, interesting way — by leaving a penis in the box.

Despite his voter's determination to make a joke out of the ballot, essentially turning their involvement in the referendum into a "Superbad" scene, Mackay says that the vote actually counted.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the state of British politics in 2016.

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