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Yep, You Can Pee Right Into Donald Trump's Mouth At This Nightclub

Go on. Take a big ol' wicked piss into Donald Trump's mouth. You deserve this kind of experience.

We all tolerated Donald Trump enough. The reality show host and historically mediocre businessman TURNED LEGITIMATE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE *shoots self in face* has been too much of a presence in our lives lately.

We used to have the ability to just not deal with him through the act of skipping over episodes of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on our Hulu queues, but that luxury is a thing of the past.

Now, we literally are forced to deal with him on a daily basis, thanks to the GOP and the 24-hour news cycle.

We deserve the right to drop a big ol' steamy load of urine into his dumb, racist, loud, misogynistic, ego-filled, dumb, dumb, stupid, dumb, dumb mouth.

Now, you can, thanks to a mural in the men's bathroom at Winnipeg's District Stop nightclub.

Owner Casey Lourens, who commissioned the mural, told BuzzFeed,

We were trying to think of something new and current that people are talking about… People say, 'Hey, I just went and peed in Trump's mouth!' and they're excited about it.

Of course, it would take a Canadian bar owner to make America great again.

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