Ivan Alvarado / Reuters

Obama Basically Accused Trump Of Ruining America's Global Reputation


On Monday night, President Obama basically skewered the GOP presidential campaign during a speech he delivered at the ceremony for the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting. While he didn't mention him specifically, the president's words seemed to be aimed directly at Donald Trump.

In many ways, the president's remarks were also a strong rebuke of the media for enabling Trump via constant coverage.

But mainly, without specifically naming him, the president expressed concern for things we've seen from Trump along the campaign trail: bigoted rhetoric, violence at rallies, unfettered narcissism and a complete denial of basic facts.

The president contended the atmosphere of the GOP presidential campaign "tarnishes the American brand," and he said it has the potential to create long-term problems for the US in terms of its global reputation.

He said,

It's difficult to disagree with the president on this subject.

The US wields an unparalleled amount of diplomatic, military and economic influence across the globe, and it's understandable world leaders and others are concerned about the prospect of Trump (or Cruz) becoming president.

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