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We Asked People From Other Countries What They Think About Donald Trump

If you're among the many Americans terrified by the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president, a lot of people across the globe are right there with you.

The US wields unparalleled influence in the world.

America is one of the founding members of both NATO and the United Nations (and a permanent member of the UN Security Council).

It spends more on defense than any other country in the world and has the most powerful military by far (with 800 military bases across the globe).

America also has the strongest and most robust economy in the world, and its decisions regarding business and trade impact global markets.

Accordingly, whoever leads the United States essentially leads the world in many respects. This is precisely why much of the globe breathes a collective sigh of relief whenever Americans elect a president who seems relatively diplomatic, tolerant and practical.

But Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is currently the GOP frontrunner, is none of those things.

The fact he's dominating the Republican field right now is extremely disconcerting, given his rhetoric and proposed policies are inherently xenophobic and bigoted. It's safe to say people around the world are very unsettled with the idea of a man like Trump becoming president.

As former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently put it,

During recent trips to Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Albright said people asked her,

It's a fair question.

Given all that's happening, we decided to reach out to people across the world and ask them what they think about Donald Trump and why they think he's not suited to be president. What they had to say was not pretty.

The nature of this question might've been somewhat presumptuous, but none of those who responded took issue with the notion the real estate mogul should not be the leader of the free world.

Indeed, if the world could vote in the US presidential election, it seems highly unlikely Trump would emerge victorious.

Here's what people everywhere from Scotland to Syria had to say about Donald Trump.

Darren, 27, from Edinburgh, UK

Emilya, 29, from Baku, Azerbaijan

Yahya, 30, from Aleppo, Syria

Maurice, 26, from Dunbar, UK

Sina, 27, from Aachen, Germany

Tom, 37, from Glasgow, UK

Jade, 23, from Melbourne, Australia

Andrea, 31, from Vancouver Island, Canada

Jordy, 23, from Arnhem, the Netherlands

Aili, 23, from Stockholm, Sweden

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