Obama Reveals Go-To Beyoncé Song In Workout Playlist And It's So Scandalous

President Obama just shared his workout playlist, and it's the perfect mixture of dad and swag.

Dad swag? Does that exist? If it does, Obama definitely has it.

The president clearly agrees with Beyoncé's lyric "a little sweat ain't never hurt nobody" because her song – "Get Me Bodied - Extended Mix" – is smack dab in the middle of his list of workout jams.

Beyoncé's track is directly followed by one of her hubby's collaborations with Drake, "Off That."

Jay Z and Beyoncé clearly keep the president pumped up when he needs a little extra push, which is completely understandable: Just looking at this power couple would provide anyone with inspiration.

But some of the president's choices for this playlist are definitely a little questionable.

While Sting and Bob Marley are legendary artists, it's hard to see anyone working out to "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" or "Could You Be Loved."

Could you imagine heading to the gym and hearing Sting blast on the speakers as you hop on the treadmill? Thanks, but no thanks.

With that said, when you're the leader of the free world, you can listen to whatever the hell you want during the limited amount of time you have to work out.

The president is apparently pretty strict about his workout routine, and does weights and cardio every morning at 6:45 am before he eats breakfast. If this is the playlist that helps him do his thing, who is anyone to judge?

You also have to give Obama credit for having very eclectic taste in music, which he's exhibited throughout his tenure by celebrating artists from an array of genres and eras: from Kendrick Lamar to Bob Dylan.

The president might have some dad tendencies – and some, um, "interesting" choices on his workout playlist – but he still keeps it very real at the end of the day.