Nurses Could Not Stop Laughing At What This Woman Screamed While Getting An IUD

by Alexandra Svokos
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It's not unusual for women to say or shout something while having an IUD inserted.

"IUD insertions can be pretty painful for some people," a nurse at a women's health care clinic in the Midwest tells Elite Daily. "I've heard a lot of curse words while doing IUD insertions. I've had people curse at me, which I never take personally."

The nurse, who goes by the name "Dream Ghoul" on Twitter (and asked we not use her real name or location because she did not want to implicate her place of employment), spoke with me for Elite Daily and admitted that women's health care is "under attack right now," something anyone following the GOP's American Health Care Act (AHCA) plan and President Donald Trump's reported plan to take away birth control coverage is all too familiar with.

But while doing an IUD insertion on Friday, something... unusual came out of one patient's mouth.

As the IUD was going in, the patient apparently shouted, "F*CK YOU, PAUL RYAN."

"I absolutely have never heard something so funny as when some girl shouted, 'F*ck you, Paul Ryan!'" Dream Ghoul tells Elite Daily.

Paul Ryan is the Republican Speaker of the House who was behind the AHCA push to repeal and replace Obamacare. Twenty-three million people would lose insurance by 2026 under the AHCA, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office's report.

It's because of Ryan that many women are fearing losing health care coverage.

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This has been a worry since the election of Trump and the majority-Republican Congress. Former President Barack Obama cared about all women having contraceptives, but the Republicans are kinda taking the opposite route here.

Because of this fear, many women have opted to get IUDs because they can last longer than a presidential term.

"[Patients] bring up the political situation; reproductive health care is really under attack in this country right now," Dream Ghoul says. "So people bring that up in our clinic...but never in such a loud way."

After the woman screamed at Paul Ryan during her IUD insertion, she "apologized profusely for swearing."

"But we were pretty much in hysterics," Dream Ghoul admits about the staff.

"[The threat to women's health care is] something that's constantly on our minds, and to have it released in such a way was such comic relief for all of us that we really needed," she tells Elite Daily.

While it was a hilarious moment, what made it funny was really very serious.

"It's a funny thing, she says," Dream Ghoul said, "but the issue behind it is not that funny, and that's the fact that we see so many patients who are not sure if they're going to have reproductive services in the future, so women feel like they're forced into getting these long-acting contraceptives when it might not be the right choice for their bodies."

Feeling like you have to get an IUD because you're going to lose health insurance is a way that your choice of what to do with your body is getting taken away.

"If you're feeling pressured to get an IUD based on the political climate, that's not good," Dr. Diane Horvath-Cosper, Reproductive Health Advocacy Fellow at Physicians for Reproductive Health, previously told Elite Daily last fall after the election.

Dream Ghoul's tweet about the patient's political shout quickly got thousands of retweets — all of which happened while she was still working, so she logged back on at the end of the day just to see the masses of responses.

She said she hasn't gotten too many trolls or negative responses. She believes that's probably because so many people are just as fed up with the current situation for women's health.

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