Nazi Expert Says Trump Is Using Hitler's 'Playbook'

One of the world's leading experts on Nazis, Ron Rosenbaum, just compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

Rosenbaum was reluctant to make the comparison up to this point, as he didn't want to trivialize the atrocities Hitler committed.

But now that Trump is officially president, the author is speaking out.

He said,

In an article for the Los Angeles Review of Books, Rosenbaum outlined how Trump's rise to power was quite similar to that of Hitler.

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Rosenbaum argues Trump is using Hitler's playbook, and the playbook is "Mein Kampf."

1. Hitler was a habitual liar. So is Trump.

As Rosenbaum put it,

Comparatively, he said,

Both men lowered the bar for what's acceptable in massive ways, allowing them to get away with things no one else would dare attempt.

2. Trump bluffed his way into power, just like Hitler.

In Rosenbaum's view, Hitler and Trump both bluffed their way into power.

By confusing the systems they sought to control, Trump and Hitler successfully gained power.

He said,

Similarly, Trump's erratic behavior often left the media and political establishment completely dumfounded. In the process, he was normalized as well.

Rosenbaum said,

Mountebank is another way of saying "con artist."

3. Both men eroded the public's trust in the media via repetitive attacks.

In his article, Rosenbaum placed particular emphasis on Hitler's attacks on the newspaper that continuously investigated him and sought to expose his true nature, the Munich Post.

There are clear parallels between Trump's attack on the media in the present day, especially the New York Times.


Rosenbaum warned that the media must continue to fight Trump, and avoid normalizing him at all costs.

The Munich Post lost its fight against Hitler, but it set an important example. As he says,

Long story short, the media can't normalize Trump.

It has to continue to fight for the truth, no matter how hard Trump attempts to discredit it.

When Trump screams "FAKE NEWS," the media has to scream the truth even louder.

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