Muslim-Jewish BFFs Dress In Juslim Superhero Costumes

Halloween is a terrible time, filled with people wearing such horribly offensive costumes, you wonder if they've ever met another human before.

This is exactly why it's so nice to hear a heartwarming Halloween costume story like this one.


Casey Pearlman and Yasmin Idris, a pair of 13-year-old BFFs in California, decided to do a joint costume. But they went above and beyond your typical salt and pepper Halloween suits.

Casey is Jewish and Yasmin is Muslim. Rather than let their differences split them apart, they celebrated them.

They teamed up for Halloween to create a new type of superhero: The Juslims.

Casey's dad, Jeff, shared a photo of the two on Twitter. It has since gone viral.

The pair told BuzzFeed their superpowers are "to watch each other's back."

Their school had a rule that costumes couldn't be religious or offensive. So, they had little notes at the bottom of their t-shirts that read, "Don't worry, it's not religious, it's not offensive."


The girls told BuzzFeed the term "Juslims" was coined when they were chatting about similarities between the two religions one day.

They fully realize just how radically cool they're being with these costumes.

Yasmin said,

I'm Muslim and she's Jewish; I'm black and she's white. I think it's really empowering for people to see us as role models in saying let's stop the war and to show equality between all people.

It also occurred to them that by wearing these costumes, they're standing up to both hate and people like Donald Trump, who try to spread that hate.

Casey said it made her "really happy" when she realized she was incidentally standing up to Trump. She said,

Me and Yasmin both disagree with almost everything that [Trump's] deciding to do.

They also said they're pleased their costumes have gone viral. They hope it will send an important message about understanding and peace.

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