Most Popular Google Searches Post-Trump Prove Anxiety's Taken Over Our Country


Donald Trump is the most unpopular new president in modern US history.

It took him just eight days to reach a majority disapproval rating (51 percent).

Comparatively, it took George W. Bush, widely regarded as one of the worst presidents of all time, three years to get to that point.

The country is feeling pretty anxious right now, and it's not hard to see why.

Trump is impulsive, undignified and spends more time tweeting than leading.

If you take a look at what people have been searching for on Google recently, the consequences of Trump's demeanor and policies are abundantly clear.

In short, the country is freaking out, man.

The real estate company Estately recently looked at what people in each state have been Googling since the election with more frequency than people in other states.

What they found was extremely revealing, and makes total sense when you consider how unpopular Trump is.

In California, the top search was, "What did Trump do now?," which is what much of the country probably wakes up thinking every morning.

Oregon seems to be so unhappy with Trump that it's considering packing its bags, as "West Coast secession" was its top search.

Rhode Island and Missouri seem to be quite interested in golden showers, and other states like Pennsylvania have searched for "Donald Trump pee pee party."

Relatedly, there seems to be a strong interest in Putin and Russian prostitutes in states across the country.

Louisiana is feeling so tense about things it's been looking into "Trump anxiety."


America is clearly struggling at the moment.

Between Trump's controversial travel ban, his incredibly undiplomatic approach to foreign affairs and his team's insistence on peddling "alternative facts," you can hardly blame people for feeling a little stressed.

America is frequently characterized as an optimistic nation, and Americans are stereotyped as overtly positive people around the world.

The Trump era, however, already seems to be inducing pessimism in all 50 states.

Buck up, America. We'll get through this.

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